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This website is designed to help you advocate for changes in the prison phone system. We hope you choose to participate. Here is how the campaign works:

Each month, for ten months, you will visit this website and select the letter you wish to send. Each letter is designed to be sent to one or more policy makers in a position to make a difference.
Please send the letters in the sequence they are presented.

If you live in the same state as your incarcerated loved one, you will need to know your state representative and state senator. (We will provide the name of the appropriate legislators if your loved one is incarcerated in another state)

When you select a letter, you will be asked for information that is needed to complete it.
In some instances that will include the option of listing problems you have experienced, or adding your own comments to the letter.
We will combine the information you provide with information in our database
to create each letter.
Then you print the letter and mail it to the addresses(es) provided.